• Culture Catered

    Discover the benefits of curated workplace meal programs: happy and loyal employees, enhanced sense of team, and increased productivity!

  • What We Do

    We deliver unique curated food experiences to enrich workplace culture. Working from the recognition that food defines our culture, we provide local and delicious team meals, snack stations, and event management that enhance relationships and collaboration.

    Food = Culture

    Creating shared dining experiences makes you a better company!

    Eating together is a central component of keeping ... teams operating effectively. It makes a team feel like a family … and creates a focus when [team] members aren’t out on the job.

    Harvard Business Review 12/2015

    Supporting Healthy Lifestyles

    Local and delicious!

    We create food programs that support all employees, including vegetarians, vegans, and those with food sensitivities or allergies.

    Key Benefits

    Creating a dynamic and healthy food program made simple!

    • Dedicated Account Curator
    • Custom Menu Creation and Calendars
    • Special Events and Team Building Programs
    • One Source Order Management and Billing
    • Food Delivery with Optional On Site Staff
    • Sustainable Disposables
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    ezCater Driven

    Our back end is built on ezCater - the leader in ​business catering.

    • Over 49,336 Restaurants Nationwide
    • 24/7 Support Team
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  • Team

    We've got a top notch team!

    Trey Angera

    The Man Wearing Many Hats

    Trey brings food production and food tech experience to Culture Catered. He has worked in a wide range of corporate environments and knows the value of using food experiences to building teams. He has worked with numerous food tech start ups and is active in the local agriculture movement. He likes fish. Big Fish.

    Drew Kohl

    Happiness Director-NYC Metro

    Drew’s background lies in all aspects of food and food businesses. She started out as a line cook at restaurants in Los Angeles and NYC, then worked with many food related businesses managing their social media efforts and event planning. As a recent graduate from NYU Gallatin School of individualized study, Drew’s experiences have led her to starting her own business selling cookie dough. In her free time she loves exploring new restaurants and experimenting with new cookie recipes.

    Nate Winner

    Happiness Director-NYC Metro

    Nate Winner comes to us from the delicious city New Orleans. Prior to his move to the Big Easy he studied business and finance in his hometown of Shreveport, LA. He then pursued a more hands-on approach to learning at The French Pastry School in Chicago under the direction of master pastry chefs Jacquy Pfieffer and Sebastien Canonne. Since then he's immersed himself in the world of food...operating a small pie business in New Orleans and most recently outfitting some of New York's cushiest offices with high-end, third wave coffee programs. He's now excited to combine his love of food and (office) culture by bringing concierge, meal experiences to those same offices and beyond.

    Donna Douglass

    Happiness Director-Hudson Valley/CT

    Growing up, mealtime was with family around the dinner table enjoying good conversation and savoring homemade Italian Specialties. From this experience, Donna’s passion for food and teaching grew. Donna graduated from The Institute of Integrative Nutrition as a Certified Nutrition Coach and is valuable resource in menu and event planning.

    JT Kohrs

    Happiness Director-NJ/NYC

    As a journalist, I never missed an opportunity to take a source out to lunch, but even on days without source meetings, I found myself as well as my colleagues fleeing the newsroom. Each of us in search of a good meal. That's why I'm excited to be part of a team that's improving the office culture by providing meal options where employees can stay and collaborate.

    Ed Hinspeter

    Happiness Director-Boston

    Ed is a chef and accomplished furniture maker! He has been creating menus and in the kitchen for over twenty years, but has the enthusiasm and a joy for living that makes our culture a model for our clients.

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